In which we are properly introduced

Louisa Cornell

How lovely to see you! Do come in. Tea? Oh yes, tea is definitely in order. Abercrombie, we’ll have our tea in the drawing room.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was nine years old and read all of Jane Austen’s works and all of Georgette Heyer’s works back to back. By the time I was eleven I added all of the Bronte sisters’ works and some of Ann Radcliffe’s gothics to the list. I wrote a HORRIBLE western historical romance during the three years we lived in England (Air Force brat.) I started it when I was nine and finished it when I was twelve. It was several hundred pages of hand-written drivel and will never see the light of day. My Mom has the only copy and she won’t let me destroy it, drat her!

My career as a writer took a detour as during those years in England they discovered my musical ability. I took piano lessons through the London College of Music, but my real talent lay in my voice. Once I returned to the States I began to study music in school. Learned to play the clarinet and the bassoon and at sixteen started taking private voice lessons. I studied voice in undergraduate school at Judson College (one of the few all girl colleges still operating in the U.S.) and got my B.S. in Music Education in 1981. I studied Opera Performance and Music History at the University of Southern Mississippi and got my M.A. in 1985. I studied for my D.M.A., also at USM ,and have finished all course work and recitals, but not my dissertation. I broke off work on my dissertation after being accepted to study voice with Rudolf Knoll at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. I studied there for two years and sang opera professionally in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and several other countries. I’ll finish that dissertation one of these days.

I retired from the opera career in 1992. I was married for fourteen years, but I haven’t been married since 1993 (and as Forrest Gump says, “That is all I’m going to say about that.”) Now the men in my life are all dashing, handsome, titled, rich and fictional! What more could a woman want?

I don’t have any human children. I have a crew of fur babies, however, and they keep me sane and make me laugh every day.

I work a full-time day job as a bakery manager for our local Walmart and I am determined to write my way out of retail world and into the world of a full-time historical romance author.